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Company Policy

Hours of Operation

    • EverydaySolutionsRx corporate office is open Monday- Friday 9a.m. - 5p.m. EST

    • EverydaySolutionsRx shipping department is open Monday - Friday 9a.m. - 5p.m. EST

    • We close for all government observed holidays (whenever Post Office & Banks are closed)

    • Weekends (Saturday, Sunday) are not considered business days (USPS does deliver on Saturdays with 2-3 Day Priority shipments, FedEx does not consider Saturday a business day, therefore, will have additional charges for Saturday delivery and will deliver on Monday for any overnight shipments sent out on Friday)

Overnight Shipments

    • All overnight orders that are placed before 12 noon CST Monday - Friday on a non government observed holiday will ship that day.

    • Weekends (Saturday, Sunday) are not considered business days and we do not include these days for deliveries.  Remember USPS does not necessarily guarantee Overnight Deliveries to MOST areas.

    • All overnight orders that are placed after 12 noon CST Monday - Friday on a non government observed holiday will ship the following business day.

    • Overnight orders placed after 12 noon CST on Friday will not ship until the following Monday.

    • Overnight orders placed after 12 noon CST on a government observed holiday will not ship until the following business day.

    • Overnight fees do not include Saturday Delivery. Orders for products placed for Friday overnight will not arrive until Monday morning.

    • FedEx cannot overnight any shipment (any order actually) to PO Boxes. All overnight shipments must provide a physical address.

    • We cannot ship overnight to any International address.

    • If our courier considers your zip code a rural area, overnight delivery cannot be guaranteed. To find out if you are rural or for more information on shipping to rural areas, please contact customer service at 866-351-3522.

Undeliverable Packages

    • Packages that are returned to us as undeliverable are issued a full refund minus a 20% restocking fee and shipping costs. We are unable to re-ship orders that are returned to us as undeliverable until we get a correct address. If you have received a call from our customer service department advising of an incorrect address, please call the office and give a correct address and we will re-ship as soon as possible (see above for shipping times/dates).


    • Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of placing the order or before the order ships.

    • If a cancellation is placed within 24 hours and the order has not shipped, a refund will be issued by which method the order was originally charged.

    • All refunds will be processed within 7 days.

    • If a cancellation is placed after the order ships, it is up to the customer to put "Refuse" on the package. Once the refused package is received to the refund department a full refund will be processed (less shipping and handling) within 7 days of receipt of the refused package.

    • EverydaySolutionsRx reserves the right to cancel any order at any time if company sees fit.


    • At any time after the completion of a full recommended program of supplements, if the customer is not completely satisfied they may return the empty bottles along with the return certificate (RMA) for a full refund. The only thing that we ask is that you give our products a fair and complete test. For this reason, refunds will not be accepted until the program has been completed.

    • 100% money back guarantee covers price of product only. 100% money back guarantee does not cover shipping and handling fee due to the fact that the customer made the decision to try product, therefore the customer accepts to pay the fee to ship the product.

    • Customers must email for a RMA (Return Authorization Number). This number must be displayed on the outside of all return packages. Returned packages without RMA numbers will not be accepted.   Also, no returned packages will be accepted with "signature required".   If you want to insure the return was received, you should purchase a delivery confirmation receipt. 

    • Once a return is received the refund process will take 7 to 14 business days. All refunds will be processed in the manner in which you were originally charged. If the original method of payment has been closed or cancelled we will need valid proof in order to process a refund in an alternative form.

    • You have 30 days from the date of the original purchase to return the product to receive your refund. Any return received after the 30 day time limit will not be processed.

    • Excessive returns will not be accepted. Refunds will not be given to any one customer for one specific product more than twice. There is an unlimited amount of orders that a customer can place for one specific product, but the money back guarantee is void after a customer has used it for one specific product more than twice.

    • Shipping of the product from EverydaySolutionsRx to your door will not be refunded. Shipping of the product to the EverydaySolutionsRx Refund Department will not be compensated.

    • To ensure that your product is not lost or damaged, we strongly recommend sending the product certified mail with a tracking number. If we do not receive the product back and the customer does not have proof that the product was returned we cannot issue a refund. Valid proof of returning a product includes: delivery confirmation via USPS or "refused" packages in original box/label.

    • The maximum length of time for treatment should be no longer than 30 days. Within 1 month of using the product a customer will know if the product is going to work for them or not. We ask that you contact the Customer Service Department if your problem is not responding to treatment. 

    • Misuse of product, experimenting, etc may affect the outcome of the total treatment.  If you find that the treatment is not going as promised, CONTACT our office before you decide to send back for a refund. The end result is having the problem eradicated....you have the correct products, there may be a problem with the understanding of usage. 

    • We are not responsible for lost, missing or slow mail, we will honor any package that is postmarked for 30 days after the purchase of the product or before.

    • We are NOT responsible for self or MISdiagnosis.  There is a 20% restocking charge for returned packages UNOPENED, and a 35% restocking charge for OPENED boxes (even if the products have not been used).  These products can not be resold once the box is opened. 

    International Shipments

    • Warranty issues and manufacturer restrictions prevent us from shipping certain products to all geographical locations.

    • International customers are responsible for all additional fees acquired through customs.

    • International shipping charges apply to all packages.

    • International orders cannot ship overnight.

    Personal Checks

    • All checks are held for 10 business days. Orders placed with a check will be held for 10 business days. Once 10 business days is complete and check has cleared, the order will be released and shipped.

    • All returned check will be charged a $25 USD return check fee.

    • Counter checks will not be accepted.

    Customer Service: If you have questions or comments regarding EverydaySolutionsRx or on of it's products, please email us for a speedy answer at info@everydaysolutionsrx.com


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