Natural Mange Treatments | Natural Scabies Treatments

Natural Mange Treatments and Scabies Treatments with Neem

Join the millions of people that are looking for safe RELIEF for their pets and even themselves, using non toxic, natural and organic neem based solutions.

My name is Casey Fisher, and I've been helping people to help their beloved pets fight mange, ringworm, fleas and lice since 2004 using natural, gentle, non-toxic mange treatments and scabies treatments and solutions that won't harm you or your pets and won't break the bank. We also provide a range of people products that help you deal with lice, scabies, ringworm and even bedbugs.

My customers tell me how much they love the personal attention they get from us, and how much they love the products that have made a huge difference in their quality of life.

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Hi, I wrote to you a month or 2 ago and purchased the cream from you.. I was in a bad situation if you remember my chow chow had a horrible itch and I had taken her to 2 different veterinarians...

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